National awards and accreditation for local government

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Councils for Gender Equity Program

This important program, the first national accreditation and awards program which encouraged councils across Australia to address gender equity issues, has concluded. The Australian Local Government Women’s Association National Board made the difficult decision to close the program when Federal Government funding ceased. The program tackled gender issues within councils and among elected representatives.

The program was designed to be accessed by all councils, regardless of their size, location and progress on gender equity. Councils could apply for accreditation at three levels - starting with Bronze, then Silver and working up to the prestigious, peer reviewed Gold Award.

Councils from across the country took part in the program, attaining bronze and silver Awards. The ALGWA continued to operate the program when the funding stopped. However, and unfortunately, it is impossible to continue with the program without external funding for the administration necessary for assessing Council programs. The ALGWA would like to thank all Councils who took part and the Local Government Association of Queensland for its support.